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The Vice-Chancellor / Chief Executive


The Vice-Chancellor for finance, administration and human resources provides executive leadership for the budget management, coordination, integration, and support of various services, programs, management functions and activities at Shiraz Medical University and health services in Fars Province. Additionally, the vice chancellor serves as the university's chief financial officer.


Please view Dr Seyed Jalil Massoumi to Learn about his background and contributions to the University’s mission and objectives.

The Vice-Chancellor’s office consists of a team who provide comprehensive systems planning and oversight solutions in the areas of Capital Improvement, Fiscal Management, Health Care Service Development, Organisational Performance and Accountability, Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, Information Technology, Operating Budget, Procurement, and Human Resources.


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Central building of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Zand St., Shiraz, Iran

  • Hot line: (+9871)32300050
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