The Legal office is responsible for the effective and efficient management of legal affairs, provision

of legal advisory services and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks in order to provide leadership and ensure efficient and effective management of staff and resources in the Legal office.

Responsibilities of the manager:

 1.Legal risk

  • Reviewing and providing legal advice on tender documents.
  • Reviewing ongoing cases and advice management accordingly.
  • Liaising with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have been identified, appropriate
  • courses of action have been taken.
  • Providing legal protection and risk management advice to management especially on contract
  • management.
  • Providing and interpret legal information, conduct training and disseminate appropriate legal requirements
  • to staff.

2. Policy development

  • Reviewing and advising management on legal implications of internal policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing and draft contracts, agreements and internal policies and ensuring that they are in compliance with all statutory or legal requirements.

3. Litigation management

  • Reviewing progress of outstanding litigation and liaising with and managing external lawyers.

4. Regulatory compliance

  • Formulating compliance check-lists to be used for the purpose of ensuring that all information required is
  • provided accordingly.
  • Continuously monitoring compliance with statutory obligations and advise management accordingly.
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly reports for the department for executive management meetings.

5. Contract negotiation

  • Reviewing all contracts or any other documentation where the University has committed itself and assessing legal implications that need to be brought to the executive management’s attention.
  • Preparing, reviewing and modifying contractual instruments to assist and support various business activities.
  • Negotiating, reviewing and drafting documentation for business transactions and preparing and advising on the necessary checklist to be adopted to ensure information is submitted on time.

6.Administrative duties

  • Providing continuous leadership, supervision, training and development of department staff ensuring an
  • effective and motivated team.
  • Liaising with the HR department in conducting performance appraisals and ensuring competency and
  • training gaps are addressed.
  • Analyzing the legal implications of all the activities of the organization to ensure that all its activities and operations within the existing legal framework
  • Identifying potential legal risks and serving as an internal early warning system to management
  • Legal drafting of all agreements including but not limited to leases, and contracts for employment, commercial transactions, and supply agreements
  • Promoting an effective intellectual property strategy, function, process and system to protect and enhance the intellectual assets of the company
  • Executing and managing appropriate legal action in response to litigation suits filed against the University by external parties and prosecutes third parties when the University’s rights and/or interests are violated.
  • Managing and coordinating the activities of the Legal department and ensuring that they are within budget and in line with the University’s strategies.
  • Developing and promoting within the various departments an effective environmental policy, and reporting process within the organization so that the University’s activities comply with local laws and borrowing arrangements as well as group requirements.

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