The Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining clear lines of responsibility within the area for all financial matters. It has overall responsibility for budgetary control to ensure the satisfactory reporting to budget holders and compliance with financial regulations. The Manager ensures that all expenditure conform to Financial and Procurement Regulations.

He monitors income and expenditure within each main heading and report significant variances to the Finance Committee.

Financial Responsibilities of the Budget Manager:

The budget manager is the responsible individual for active accounts. The budget manager is accountable for the financial integrity of his administrative office. Financial integrity is maintained by careful attention and adherence to the unit’s budgets within the university’s financial reporting system. The budget manager is responsible for:

1. Ensuring that the expenses of the accounts managed do not exceed the unit’s allocated budget.

2. Requesting budget changes

3. Submitting transfers

4. Approving transactions and requesting payments. All transactions must be processed in compliance with the university’s policies and procedures. The budget manager reviews accounts on a regular basis to ensure proper recording of account expenses.

 5. While delegating tasks and duties to a designee, the budget manager retains ultimate accountability for how a budget is managed. Any designee has a written authorization from the budget manager. The authorization IS attached to all requests.

6. Reviewing and Approving Original Charges: All invoices and requests for payment, including any related backup documentation

7. Keeping Appropriate Records: (i.e.: a copy of the invoice, sole source documentation, business meeting notes, etc…)

8. Reviewing Posting of Charges: A review of all charges and deposits to accounts made regularly.

9. Reporting and Resolution of Issues: Any issues found during your review should be immediately brought to the attention of the Fiscal Affairs Manager or Executive Director of Business and Finance. Fiscal Affairs personnel assist the Budget Manager in researching and resolving issues.

10. Reviewing Budget vs. Actual Information: A regular review of budget vs. actual expenses and revenue.

11. Delegated Responsibilities: It is the Budget Manager’s responsibility to ensure that any delegated authorities or duties are properly documented, approved and maintain appropriate internal controls. Any questions can be directed to the Fiscal Affairs Manager or the Executive Director of Business and Finance.

12. Annual Financial Certifications: Completing and signing the annual certification as provided by finance.

13. Direct responsibility for the budget allocation and management of funds; the accounting and distribution of faculty salaries and staff “rate” across units; the analysis of current year expenditures and projection of future year commitments; the distribution of returned overhead to Departments; and engaging in agreements on behalf of the Vice President ; analysis of fiscal matters and making policy recommendations to the Vice President

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