There has been increasing attention for health systems research in the world, including low and middle income countries, with recent developments both in terms of its definition, and in the evolution of theory and methodologies.

HSR committee maps health systems research capacity and undertakes the policy making using an innovative and cost-efficient approach, to conceptualize health systems research, interpret their roles, assessing the health systems research capacity as well as the scope of health systems

research undertaken, and assess potential policy uptake. Health systems research as an emergent discipline in these contexts is dependent on a cluster of enabling factors, identified in this research: charismatic and strategically thinking individuals with a talent for networking, technical competence and scientific credibility, appropriate international alliances and trends, emergent local knowledge translation structures and increasing national ownership of research agendas, more and better training courses for researchers as well as workshops for decision makers to make them more attuned to each others’ world and constraints, increasing trust between decision makers and researchers, a critical mass of health systems researchers and competing institutions ‘able to deliver’, an entry point for health systems research in decision making circles.

Activities and responsibilities:

  - Enlarging the information base for making choices in organizing and strengthening health systems research and formulating recommendations to this end.

   - Setting priorities for research projects according to organizational needs

   - Holding workshops on research methodology

   - Providing consultative support for research projects

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